Tennessee Mortgage Licensing

Mortgage Banker or Broker

Mortgage Broker, Lender, and Servicer License or Registration

Physical In-State Office Required: No
Qualifying Individual: Yes, 3 years mortgage experience.
Minimum Net Worth: $25,000 CPA Compiled
Surety Bond: $90,000 (Broker Only), or $200,000 (Broker and Lender)

License Cost Breakdown – Estimated fees not including Integrity Mortgage Licensing Service Fee:
$700 – Company License Fee
$900 – $90k Surety Bond (Broker only)
$2,000 – $200k Surety Bond (Lender/Broker)
$200 to $500 – CPA prepared Compiled Financial Statement ($25k Net worth)
$600 – Foreign CorpEntity Fee
$125 – Registered Agent Fee

Regulated by:

Department of Financial Institutions

414 Union Street, Suite 1000
Nashville, Tennessee 37219
Telephone: 615-741-2236