8 04, 2020

NMLS Mortgage Control Person Definition

2020-04-09T17:21:02-07:00April 8th, 2020|Licensing Requirements, Mortgage Broker Licensing, Mortgage Companies, Mortgage Lender Licensing, Mortgage Servicer Licensing, NMLS|

Here is the NMLS Policy on the definition of Control Person. But keep in mind that each state can make their definition broader than this if they desire. Owners of 10% or moreSenior Executive Officers/Directors/LLC Managers On page 37 of the NMLS Policy Handbook, there is a definition of Executive Officers: https://mortgage.nationwidelicensingsystem.org/slr/common/policy/NMLS%20Document%20Library/NMLS%20Guidebook%20October%202019%20Current%20Online.pdf Corporate Governance – as [...]

13 07, 2007

Aapex Mortgage Loses Another License

2017-01-23T19:53:19-08:00July 13th, 2007|Mortgage Companies, Mortgage Licensing News|

North Carolina state regulators suspended the operating license of national broker Aapex Mortgage after the Florida-based operation was hit by sanctions in six other states. The action came June 28 in a written filing from North Carolina Commissioner of Banks Joe Smith, who licenses mortgage lenders in the state. The order came on the heels [...]

6 06, 2007

Colorado Now Requires HUD Exempt Mortgage Companies to Get Licensed

2015-05-23T08:18:43-07:00June 6th, 2007|HUD, Mortgage Companies, Mortgage License, Mortgage Licensing News|

Effective June 1st, 2006 - Temporary Registration 1. Each and every mortgage broker including those who made a good-faith effort to comply with or who were exempt from the previous registration law, HB 06-1161, §§ 12-61-901 to 911, C.R.S. is hereby granted immediate, temporary registration through and including September 1, 2007, or until such date [...]

27 05, 2007

Large Net Branch Company Closed for Not Licensing Loan Officers

2017-01-23T19:53:20-08:00May 27th, 2007|Mortgage Companies, Mortgage Licensing News|

Large Net Branch Company Closed for Not Licensing Loan Officers "Myron Miller, a former vice president at the company, told MortgageWire that Dana Capital was facing hefty fines in a handful of states because some loan officers at its net branch affiliates were unlicensed." May 08, 2007 Dana Capital closes, branch managers say they are [...]


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