Florida law previously required persons acting solely as loan processors to secure a loan originator license. On May 31, the Governor of Florida signed into law a bill to relieve in-house loan processors from individual licensing in Florida. Specifically, the bill excludes in-house loan processors from individual licensure, so long as the individual (i) is an exclusive employee of a single mortgage broker or a mortgage lender, (ii) under direct supervision and instruction of a licensed Florida loan originator, and (iii) engages in loan processing only (i.e., receiving, collecting, distributing, and analyzing information for processing a mortgage loan or communicating with consumers to obtain information necessary to process a mortgage loan

[not including offering or negotiating or counseling consumers about mortgage loan rates or terms]). Independent Contract loan processors remain subject to loan originator licensing requirements in certain circumstances. This amendment brings Florida’s law more in line with the federal Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E.) and other state jurisdictions with respect to treatment of mortgage loan processors.

The bill additionally requires mortgage lenders to submit reports of their financial condition to the NMLS registry and to authorize the NMLS registry to obtain a credit report for each of the mortgage lender’s control persons in order to renew a mortgage lender license. The bill becomes effective July 1, 2011.